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 Yellowstone: High Country Treasure

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Yellowstone: High Country Treasure
78 minutes
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Scene List for Yellowstone: High Country Treasure:

The film opens on the Rocky Mountains and Yellowstone National Park as seen from Sunrise on the icespace.

Mountain men meet and discuss the wilderness, freeze-frame to a black-and-white sequence of the park’s history.

The return of spring, breaking up of ice, flowing water from snow melt. An elk calf stranded at a flooded river.

A grizzly family as twin cubs are chased away. Antelope fawns are threatened by a coyote, who is chased away by antelope does.

Indian paintbrushSpring birds return to Yellowstone. Birds feed on mosquitoes. Baby badgers emerge from their den for the first time. A moose calf gambols around it’s mother.

Sunrise of a new day. An elk calf romps at dawn. A grizzly pursues an elk calf.

Visitors return to Yellowstone. A huge bear jam, as people compete to see and photograph a grizzly family.

A lone hiker explores remote areas of the park, including Specimen Ridge, where 27 petrified forests lie one on top of the other.

GeyserMap of Yellowstone’s road system. "Tom The Terrible Tourist", with his family, attempts to see the entire park in one day. Never getting out of his truck, Tom engages in a frenzy of picture taking.

Morning Glory Pool. New geysers erupt under a boardwalk. The many geysers of the Upper Geyser Basin set to music.

Interiors and exteriors of Old Faithful Inn. Lake Hotel, built in 1899.

Yellowstone Lake, the largest high altitude lake in North America.

Open forestA four day photographic class sponsored by The Yellowstone Institute canoes across the lake to a campsite. They swim the cold lake, cook-out and are instructed in the art of photographing the beauty which surrounds them.

Twin black bear cubs with their mother. Another new day as we accompany a park ranger throughout a typical day. Trumpeter swans chase out an intruder.

Children and adults enjoy a stagecoach ride.

A dramatic summer storm. The reel ends as a rainbow appears and the clouds dissipate.

As the day dawns, a breakfast cook-out is prepared, visitors arrive in a chuck wagon for a hearty breakfast at Yancy’s Hole. A boy is taught fly fishing by his father on the upper Yellowstone River, bird and animal fishing are also observed.

Lower FallsThe magnificent Lower Falls and the Grand Canyon. The canyon from the air. A bighorn sheep with a lamb on the canyon walls. Birds of the canyon. A gorgeous sunset.

A park ranger leads a hike into Pocket Basin for a close look at the thermal features and bubbling mud pots.

Elk cows play tag. Elk calves romp and play on a beautiful summer evening.

A class from The Yellowstone Institute observe eagles. West Thumb Thermal Basin is explored. Mammoth Hot Springs is explained.

BisonPark rangers in fire-fighting training have the unfortunate experience of helping put out the Gardiner School fire at the north park entrance.

Grizzly bears with a coyote. Buffalo in August. A hike to Osprey Falls, followed by an ice cream break at a Hamilton Store.

License plates from all over the United States set to music.

Sunrise, as a pine squirrel harvests pine cone. Autumn returns to the park.

Bull elkA park ranger leads a pack horse laden with winter supplies to a back-country cabin.

Bighorn sheep begin mating battles on the higher slopes. Winter snow returns.

Fallen leafA coyote chases voles in the snow in a comedy of near-misses. Sub-adult grizzly twins wrestle in the snow. Bighorn sheep continue their battles in the snow. A coyote pack pursues a migrating elk herd.

An otter family plays on the ice and snow, running and sliding. A coyote steals fish from an otter. Beautiful winter scenes throughout the park close the film.

Customer Reviews:

5 Stars • Spectacular Show • November 15, 2005
Reviewer: Marty Rickers • Worthington, MN Noon Kiwanis

I want to personally thank you for your spectacular show last night here in Worthington, MN on "Yellowstone"! Already this morning I have received several phone calls from patrons saying that this was quite possibly the best show we have ever had here in Worthington. The Worthington Noon Kiwanis Club has been doing this for 40+ years, so that is quite a testimonial! I know one thing, this show was one of the most enjoyable, interesting and entertaining travelogues I have ever witnessed! The way you synchronized the music to the motions of the wild animals in this film was masterful! Several people (as they exited last night) told me that they would like to have you back to show your Grand Canyon show in the near future.

Thanks again! As chairperson, I feel privileged to work with true professionals like you and Sandy.

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