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 Elk Of The Northern Herd

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Elk Of The Northern Herd
26 minutes
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Elk fightWinnerMountainfilm - Best Environmental Ecological Film

Review from Science Books & Films

This is a beautifully-filmed narrative of the life cycle of the northern herd of elk in Yellowstone National Park. The herd’s size, once fluctuating due to poachers andpredators, is now maintained by a modern management policy adopted by the park service in the 1960's. The herd’s size increased three-fold with the adoption of these new policies that Elk Herdemphasized the natural process and cycles of life. The film follows the herd as it moves from winter to summer to winter grazing areas. Along the way, the film illustrates the difficulties of survival posed by predators and weather and shows various aspects of elk behavior such as maternal care, dominance relationships amongmales, and reproductive activities. Thus, the dynamic interaction of all life processes is made clear. The elk’s chief predators are the grizzly bear, the coyote, and the newly reintroduced wolf. The film is informative, the science is sound, and the narrative is clear. A well-prepared teacher equipped with discussion questions would be able to make good use of this film in classroom units dealing with ecology, evolution or animal behavior. —Gary Greenberg, Wichita State University, Wichita, Cow ElkKS

Review from Billings Gazette

It’s hard to keep from falling in love with the elk of Yellowstone National Park. Seeing the big bulls, sleek cows and gentle calves becomes the high point of any visit to the park at any time of year.

But for most of us, trying to capture those elk on film becomes an exercise in frustration. You never seem to get the really good shots. And you never have a chance to stay long to take enough still pictures or video footage before you have to go home again.

That’s one reason why the new video, Elk Of the Northern Herd, is such a welcome addition to an elk-lover’s video collection.

Bob Landis has captured both the poignant moments and the harsh realities of elk life in Yellowstone that few ever get the chance to see, much less get on film. And through his partnership with Dale Johnson of Shelbyville, KY, their Trailwood-Landis Productions has put together 27 minutes of this documentary on the park’s northern elk herd.

DuckSome of the footage can only be described as exceptional:

  • A cow elk defending her calf time and time again from a coyote.
  • A grizzly bear chasing down a calf and catching it.
  • Big bulls during a rutting season battle.
  • Elk calves at play.
  • And views of the elk as they battle the elements in all seasons.

"There are sequences that go back four or five years, but the major emphasis was for a year," Landis said of the recently-released video. It has been aired over National Geographic Explorer, and BBC has shown it on their World Wildlife Showcase. —Mark Henckel

Wildlife of Yellowstone Now, three of our films on the wildlife of Yellowstone, which have collected 22 awards and prizes between them, have been included in one DVD, the Wildlife of Yellowstone. The original titles included are Song Dog about coyotes in the park, Elk of the Northern Herd, and Trumpeter Blues, a life history of the trumpeter swan in Yellowstone, together for a low combo price!

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Wildlife of Yellowstone
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